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Brand-new serviced apartment with kitchen and balcony on Bach Dang street, Binh Thanh district (ID 543)

Property ID : 543
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-10 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-10
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-9 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-9
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-8 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-8
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-7 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-7
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-6 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-6
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-5 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-5
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-4 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-4
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-3 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-3
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-2 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-2
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-1 Serviced-apartment-on-Bach-Dang-street-in-Binh-Thanh-district-ID-543-studio-part-1
Lot Area: 22 m2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Basement: 1

Located on Bach Dang street, ward 24, Binh Thanh district with kind of studio, the cheap price and new furniture, private kitchen and balcony

?Kind of room: Studio, 22-35m2, only 7.500.000- 12.000.000 vnđ/ month?

?There are fully-furnished such as television, refrigerator, air-conditioned, bed + mattress, stove, cookware, wardrobe…Serviced apartment for rent in Binh Thanh district meet your need for the comfortable living space.

⛔️Electricity (3.500đ/ kW)

⛔️Water usage (100.000đ/ person/ month)

⛔️Cleaning room (70.000đ/ time)

Free: internet, cable TV, shared washing machine and dryer machine

– At least 6 months contract

– Deposit 1 month and pay 1 month in advance

?Serviced apartment for rent a studio has the best price which accords the budget of a customer when living and working in Binh Thanh district.

?Especially, from the serviced apartment on Bach Dang Street, the tenant only takes some minutes to move to the city center and district 2 – the developing area of Ho Chi Minh city as near Saigon bridge.

?Serviced accommodation in Binh Thanh district attract the concern of tenants thanks to the low price, good location and many services which you can’t find out at the other places. This apartment is the best choice when you are living in Ho Chi Minh City.

?The advantage of the serviced apartment on Bach Dang Street:

Located in the quiet area, near Hang Xanh intersection at the corner of Bach Dang – Xo Viet Nghe Tinh – Dinh Bo Linh – Dien Bien Phu, you can move easily to anywhere

– Hang Xanh intersection (400m)

– Saigon bridge (1,2km)

– Van Thanh Tourist area (1,2m)

– District 1 (2km)

– Eastern bus station (2km)

– Tan Cang Tourist area (2,2km)

– Metro supermarket – district 2 (4,3km)

???Contact me for more information about serviced apartment ho chi minh

?Hotline: 0909.895.952 Ms.Ivy

?Mail: thuy.apartment@gmail.com

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  • Garden