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For rent serviced apartment cheap price, parquet floor in Tan Binh – ID 537

Property ID : 537
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_12 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_12
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_11 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_11
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_10 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_10
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_9 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_9
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_8 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_8
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_7 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_7
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_6 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_6
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_5 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_5
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_4 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_4
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_3 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_3
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_2 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_2
  • Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_1 Serviced_apartment_on_Tien_Giang_street_in_Tan_Binh_district_ID_537_1_bedroom_part_1
Lot Area: 40 m2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Basement: 1

Serviced apartment for rent on Tien Giang street, ward 2 in Tan Binh has an area of 40m2, 1 separated bedroom, parquet floor and bathtub, fully-furnished near the airport.

– Are you looking the apartment with parquet floor and fully-furnished, the luxurious design, the airy space to stay for a long time?

– Or you find the apartment with 1 separated bedroom to have your private bedroom and a living room for your customers or friends.

✍️Serviced apartment for rent in Tan Binh district meets your conditions all. With an area of 40m2 divided into 2 part:

?1 living room and kitchen with the open design. Space of living room is equipped parquet floor, sofa, television 40 inches and air-conditioner. Space of kitchen is set up kitchen cabinets system by wood and full of cookware to serve your dishes such as: dining table, refrigerator, microwave oven, bowls, pots, stove, hood…

?1 bedroom with wooden floor, fully-furnished as: television 32 inches, air-conditioner, work desk, wardrobe, bed, mattress and pillows

?1 bathroom with bathtub, heater water machine, and many shelves by glass to store your daily personal hygiene products.

?The price is only 9.000.000 vnđ/ month?

Included: Wifi internet, cable TV, shared washing machine on the terrace

⛔️Excluded: Electricity ( 4.000đ/kW ), water ( 100.000d/person/month ).

???Serviced apartment in Tan Binh district is equipped with a locking door from fingerprints and camera system in the aisle of the building, so there is extremely safe. Moreover, there are the spacious parking and elevator to facilitate for you. ???

?Located on Tien Giang Street in Tan Binh district near Hoang Van Thu Park, far from the airport only some minutes by walk, near Super Bowl, Bar Vuvuzela. Only take 10 minutes to other districts

?Some places near serviced apartment on Tien Giang street for low rent:
– Near KFC – Saigon Super Bowl; Jollibee – Truong Son
– Saigon Airport Corporation 270m
– Hoa Sen University 350m
– Trung Nguyen Coffee, 6 Truong Son 350m
– Megabuy Electronic Supermarket at TP HCM 500m
– Hoang Van Thu Park 600m
– Parkson CT Plaza 750m
– APCO Truong Son Building 850m
– Tan Son Nhat customs 1km
– Tan Son Nhat international airport 1km
– Hai Au Building TIC 1,1km
The private space and the friendly living environment bring you the comfortable feeling after a busy day

???Details of apartments for rent in Tan Binh district please contact HK House through:
?Hotline: 0909.895.952 Ms.Ivy
?Email: thuy.apartment@gmail.com
Besides, we have many apartments for rent at Ho Chi Minh City accord with the customer’s need.

Wishing you quickly find the desired rental apartments!



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