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Many kinds of rooms at the serviced apartment on Tran Dinh Xu street – ID D1/16.3

Property ID : D1/16
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-8 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-8
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-7 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-7
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-6 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-6
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-5 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-5
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-4 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-4
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-3 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-3
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-2 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-2
  • Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-1 Serviced-apartment-on-Tran-Dinh-Xu-street-in-district-1-ID-179-part-1
Lot Area: 40 m2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Basement: 1

For rent serviced apartment on Tran Dinh Xu street with many kinds of rooms, wide space, good price with the big balcony

⚡We offer you monthly service apartment in HCMC with kind of studio, big balcony, private washing machine only 10.000.000 vnđ/ month

The rental of serviced apartments for rent in Saigon is included internet, cable TV, cleaning the room 3 times a week, change the bedsheet once a week, consumer water, drinking water 4 bottle/ month...except electricity (4.000 vnđ/kW)

⚡Every room of the serviced apartment on Tran Dinh Xu street is designed airily and comfortably. Especially, there is washing machine each room so you can wash your clothes easily. This place is your best shelter when you live and work in Ho Chi Minh City.

♠ Details of serviced apartments for rent in Saigon please contact HK House through:

Hotline: 0909.895.952 Ms. Ivy

Email: thuy.apartment@gmail.com

Wishing you quickly find the desired rental apartments!



  • Balcony
  • Elevator